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What People are saying about Gerald Gordon

ADRIEN BRODY when discusssing Gerald Gordon’s technique quickly explains: “Gerald is a guy who obviously enjoys guiding and shaping young hopefuls who have no idea about the realities of the craft of being an actor or making a character believable. He loves what he does and when you spend a few hours with him, one begins to understand one’s self and many of the realities of life as well. He’s a gift to anybody who is not afraid of truth. RICHARD M. SHERMAN says “You cannot find a more inspired teacher for the aspiring actor.” ANDY LAUER shares “There is no one I know who can better navigate the sublime yet treacherous waters of entertainment like Gerald Gordon. Every success I have had, from working with Directors like Oliver Stone, David Fincher, Michael Bay and James Burrows to dealing with Agents, Managers and Producers, can be traced back to lessons imparted to me by Gerald. He will bring out the best of your own creativity and also guide you through the difficult elements of the business of this business. Gerald - You will always have a profound impact on my life - you are the guide and pathway that brought me into this beautiful career I have that has taken me all over the world and introduced me to the most incredible people.” RUTH WARRICK, a true Hollywood legend came to fame as one of the stars of what has been termed "One of the ten best films of all time - the Orson Welles 1941 classic "CITIZEN KANE" Many years later after working for Gerald Gordon, Ms. Warrick stated "Next to Orson Welles, Gerald is the best director I have ever worked with on stage or in film." Watch the Trailer below for SHAZAM AND THE LOST PATH! Winner of the 2013 Golden Reel Award from the Nevada Film Festival! Directed by Gerald Gordon!


For over 50 years, Gerald Gordon has been producing, directing choreographing, acting, and teaching in New York and Los Angeles - and now, in Las Vegas. To quote the dean of the Los Angeles drama critics, the late Charles Faber, "Gerald Gordon is still a young man, and has been a highly respected Los Angeles producer and director for many years.
Gerald Gordon
Producer/Director Acting Coach Writer Actor
ADRIEN BRODY Winner of the Best Actor Academy Award THE PIANIST
ANDY LAUER Actor/Director/President/CEO Reeclaid.org
RUTH WARRICK Actress/Singer/Hollywood Legend