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Gerald Gordon


Some scenes from some of Gerald Gordon’s films

Producer/Director Acting Coach Writer Actor
So Long, Blue Boy - 1973 Directed by Gerald Gordon An Independent Film Starring Arthur Franz, Neile Adams McQueen, Rick Gates and introducing Richard Rowley with Anne Seymour, Henry Brandon and Richard McMurray.  The scene portrayed on the website is Richard Rowley and Neile Adams McQueen. SYNOPSIS: A cabin somewhere in the mountains around Big Bear Mountain is the mysterious site for various strange deaths. It seems that everyone who rents the cabin meets an untimely death in one way or another. A male college art professor wanting to be near a male student of his, follows the student to the mountain resort but discovers that the young male student has found a very handsome young male to model for him. A female writer arrives to finish work on a book and is attracted more motherly to the model. The story is a mixture of three different love triangles as well as the supernatural as there is this giant great Dane that seems to adopt each new tenant of the cabin, right before they  die.
Happily After Forever - 2005 Directed by Gerald Gordon An Independent Film Starring Joe Boyd and Barbara Ann Rollins. This powerful emotional short won 'Best Romantic Drama' at the 2005 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in New York City.
Shazam and the Lost Path - 2013 Directed by Gerald Gordon An Independent Film Starring John Bitley, Alessandro D'Agostini, James Aston Lake. An eclectic group of people searching for heaven on earth, get lost and end up in the company of one very peculiar tribe,  with very interesting "tastes"!