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GORDON DOES IT AGAIN - Citizen News, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1968

Gordon, who kept an evergreen, ever-changing 'Fantasticks' running at this spot for four years, both produced and directed this new entertainment. Thanks to his undeniable talent, skill and imagination in both departments, this is a show, particularly the first half, that could in time catch on and have a run rivaling the memorable 'Drunkard' of 26 (or was it 27?) years. Where ever in the acting world Gerald Gordon rounded up this entirely brilliant cast, he tapped a reservoir of talent. To an actor and an actress, they are superbly up to the demands of this style of playing (and ask ANY living veteran of the gaslight era how strict were those demands and timing).

THE FANTASTICKS (Cahuenga Playhouse) - The Hollywood Reporter, Tuesday, April 7, 1964

A new production of the delightful musical 'The Fantasticks' is being done at the Cahuenga Playhouse by a group alarmingly called the Los Angeles Youth Theatre. This mouthful, which sounds somehow discouragingly worthy, should not be a deterrent to enjoyment of the 'Fantasticks' The production is fine, and may be recommended in all departments. The director, Gerald Gordon, is to be most highly commended. He seems to have driven the cast, perhaps with whips, to get the finest kind of ensemble playing, the kind of unity too infrequent.

'FANTASTICKS' Is Still A Musical Charmer - Citizen News, Wednesday, December 15, 1965

The musical score also remains one of off-Broadway's best; there always a thrill hearing 'Try to Remember,' 'Round and Round' and the story songs. The director's touches of stage business can add valuably to its book and music, and Gerald Gordon's evergreen hand keeps the local run fresh as springtime.


Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, Friday, September 12, 1974

Great things are happening at THE MAYFAIR MUSIC HALL out in Santa Monica. What used to be a series of unrelated, sometimes second rate turns has been replaced by a full fledged revue with some spirited, highly talented entertainers, excellently directed and choreographed by Gerald Gordon. It is called 'Pleasures of Hyde Park' and, quite simply, it is marvelous!

DIRT ALERT Dateline: Hollywood and Las Vegas, February 9-22, 1996

He [GERALD GORDON] has worked with dozens of stars including Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Debbie Reynolds, Zero Mostel, Janis Paige and dozens of others and currently has eleven students starring on various daytime and nighttime episodics.

'HAPPILY AFTER FOREVER', directed by Gerald Gordon, Wins 'Best Romantic Drama' At the 2005

New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in New York City.

'Stop World' Fast Musical at Ivar, Entertainment Section, Citizen-News, Saturday, February 20, 1965 Stop the World - I want to get off,' is the sixth successful venture produced and directed by its astute and dedicated founder, Gerald Gordon. Mr. Gordon's staging of the recent New York and London musical hit, which opened last night at the Ivar Theater, is smart, fast-paced and every bit as entertaining as the David Merrick presentation seen at the Huntington Hartford nearly two years ago. 'MITTY' MUSICAL A DELIGHT, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Entertainment Section, Wednesday, December 28, 1966 Produced by Gerald Gordon and Julian D. Luykx, and directed by the gifted 29 year old Gordon, 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' moves along at a well paced clip from the opening scene involving Mitty and his demanding, unimaginative wife, played with wit and distinction by Ruth Warrick. THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, Theater Section of the Beverly Hills Courier, Friday, December 30, 1966 With handsome regard for the Thurber touch and using his attractive cast with nicely balanced enthusiasm and discrimination, Gerald Gordon directed the West Coast premiere of 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,' produced and presented in conjunction with Julian D. Luykx, designer of the multi-purpose set. LEGIT REVIEW - COME BLOW YOUR HORN, Variety Daily, Friday, February 7, 1969 Gerald Gordon's series of '9 Great Plays' got off to an auspicious beginning Wednesday with a marvelous production of this Neil Simon play. Comedy is so well constructed and so funny it is unlikely even the most amateur group could give a bad performance of it. But this Hollywood Center Theater production is so exceptionally good, it's a shame the fun will end in two weeks to make way for the rest of the series. On the other hand, if the other eight plays come anywhere near the excellence of 'Horn,' Gordon should have packed houses next four and a half months. Neil Simon Comedy at H'wood Center, Hollywood Citizen-News, Friday, February 7, 1969 Come Blow Your Horn' with a top notch cast assembled by Gerald Gordon opened Wednesday night at the Hollywood Center Theater and was greeted by a near capacity audience who laughed their heads off. In for a limited run of only eight performances through February 15, this wildly funny treatment of 'Horn' blares loud and clear as a fine evening of entertainment. Gerald Gordon Production Tops - Hollywood Citizen-News, Friday, April 11, 1969 Gerald Gordon, in charge of the entire production, is credited for excellent direction of a competent cast, and the result is an entertaining evening of theatre. The farce is swiftly pared and the action never lags for a moment. 'Blithe Spirit' Given by Gerald Gordon, Los Angeles Times, Monday, April 14, 1969 At first thought, one might lament another revival of 'Blithe Spirit,' but, letting second thoughts rule first impulses, it is possible to say that Gerald Gordon's revival of the Noel Coward farce at the Hollywood Center Theater, is the best show he's offered in his season of play reincarnations. 'WIND IN WILLOWS' Delightful Play for Young Folk, Citizen-News, Thursday, August 4, 1966 Masterfully directed by Gerald Gordon L.A. YOUTH THEATER Marches Forward With 'Music Man,' Citizen-News, Friday, July 31, 1964 High among this select group is Gerald Gordon, a producer who not only has his heart in the right place, but also has the extraordinary artistic and organizational talents to carry out its dictates. THE FOLLOWING ARE UNANIMOUS RAVES FOR DIRECTOR GERALD GORDON, MAYFAIR MUSIC HALL'S RESIDENT DIRECTOR, February 21, 1975 “DAY ON THE PIER” REVIEWS “DAY ON THE PIER, masterfully held in tow by GORDON'S grip... provides a most delicious, delectable, delirious and desirable evening.” - SYLVIE DRAKE, L.A. TIMES “Director GERALD GORDON has played up the bright informality of music hall manners without putting down the posturing period elegance: an irresistible blend of raillery and respect for sentiment.” - CHARLES FABER, HERALD-EXAMINER “Director GERALD GORDON has tied the whole thing together with excellent pacing and a fine sense of fun.” - RON PENNINGTON, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER “There is evident merit in the stylish teamwork with coach GERALD GORDON calling the turns. This young showman has a distinct knack for tuning and pruning performers and material.” - GREGG HUNTER, GLENDALE NEWS-PRESS “Under GERALD GORDON's energetic direction of the show, it moves briskly, keeping an audience thoroughly entertained.” - LOWELL REDELING, WILSHIRE PRESS “Kudos go to director GERALD GORDON who has managed to bring off the show with an amazing sense of fun and flair.' - SUZANNE MURPHY, EVENING OUTLOOK “Under the inspired direction of GERALD GORDON, the show is a fast-paced frolic of song, dance and comedy.” - CHRIS VAN NESS, THE FREE PRESS “PLEASURES OF HYDE PARK” REVIEWS “PLEASURES OF HYDE PARK is a solid delight... it relies upon the fond and fresh direction of GERALD GORDON.” - JOHN MAHONEY, L.A. TIMES “GORDON's staging is fast-paced and keeps everyone satisfied.” - BILL EDWARDS, VARIETY “...excellently directed and choreographed by GERALD GORDON.” - ROBERT Q. LEWIS, KFI “With GERALD GORDON's zesty direction, the Mayfair Music Hall hits its top stride in PLEASURES OF HYDE PARK.” - VIOLA SWISHER, AFTER DARK MAGAZINE “PLEASURES OF HYDE PARK, directed and choreographed by GERALD GORDON, is one of the best yet.” - RON PENNINGTON, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER “GERALD GORDON has staged a high spirited entertainment to which he contributed lively choreography. He has picked a plethora of polished performers to put pizzazz into the piquant proceedings... a round of yesteryear delights which come at you with speed and updated charm.” - CHARLES FABER, THE FREE PRESS “Easily the best overall entertainment devised at the Mayfair, this diverting evening of PLEASURES has been cleverly conceived by director GERALD GORDON, who also choreographed.” - GREGG HUNTER, GLENDALE NEWS-PRESS