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ADRIEN BRODY - won the Oscar as the star of THE PIANIST (2002 film). In France, he also won best actor award equivalent to the Oscar. He received a Golden Globe nomination as best actor in a drama competing with them likes of Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine, Nicholas Cage - all previous Oscar winners. In the past twenty-five years, Brody has starred in over sixty films which included Malick's THIN RED LINE, SUMMER OF SAM for Spike Lee, costarred for Steven Soderbergh's KING OF THE HILL, and starred in THE SINGING DETECTIVE along with Mel Gibson and Robert Downey, Jr. He co- starred with William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver in THE VILLAGE, with Keira Knightley in THE JACKET and with Naomi Watts and Jack Black in KING KONG. More recently, he played Salvador Dali in Woody Allen's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. On TV in a two part mini series, he was seen as Houdini and has five more films he is starring in in various stages of production. They are BANKING ON MR. TOAD, MANHATTAN NOCTURNE, EMPEROR, DRAGON BLADE and BACKTRACK. ANDY LAUER - co-starred with Lauren Holly, Costas Mandylor and Brenda Vaccaro in the Hallmark Hall Of Fame MOW entitled JUST DESSERTS. He was seen on the frequent re-runs of CAROLINE IN THE CITY; big screen - last was seen co-starring Sandra Bullock and Liam Neeson in GUN SHY; co- starred with ROBO-COP's Peter Weller in the sci-fi thriller SCREAMERS; was seen in Oliver Stone's BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY as well as his THE DOORS; was nominated for an Emmy for a two parter on 21 JUMP STREET a few years ago; has guest starred on MURDER SHE WROTE, HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN, MATLOCK and numerous others as well as having been a regular on two different previous series - GOING TO EXTREMES and GRAND; he did a very touching scene with Bette Midler in FOR THE BOYS film. BRUCE MCGILL - played Meryl Streep's boss in SILKWOOD; co-starred with Goldie Hawn in WILDCATS; starred with John Belushi in the original ANIMAL HOUSE; doesn't stop working on TV and films as well as starring on Broadway for Tommy Tune; currently seen in one film after another such as ELIZABETHTOWN, COLLATERAL, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, ALI, THE INSIDER, LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE, SHALLOW HAL, MY COUSIN VINNIE, etc. Bruce was also seen in the short lived series WOLF LAKE and had a recurring role on MACGYVER years ago. JOE FLANIGAN - was the only male regular star on TV's SISTERS; co-starred with Elizabeth Montgomery in her last TV movie; co-starred with Jacqueline Bisset and Michael Onkean in a DANIELLE STEELE epic for TV; co-starred with Juliette Lewis in a film titled THE OTHER SISTER; he was co-star on the short lived new series FIRST MONDAY which starred James Garner. Joe is now the star of STARGATE: ATLANTIS. After doing so many pilots, this one sold. In a recent phone call to Gerald, Joe stated that it's kinda fun playing cops and robbers with MACGYVER. CHRISTOPHER TITUS - THE CHRISTOPHER TITUS SHOW on Fox; Chris has done years of stand-up and two other TV shows. THE CHRISTOPHER TITUS SHOW ran on Fox for three seasons. TOM MURRY - after 17 years as CEO for the CALVIN KLEIN organization is retiring. He had studied acting with Gordon in Los Angeles over 20 some years ago and when he recently was sent copies of some of his work from the former classes, his comment to Gordon was "I'm glad I didn't give up my day job" which was humorous to both as he wasn't bad at all. Tom is a very definite example of someone being able to take all that was learned in the career type acting class and put it to good use in another field and do extremely well. GREG GRUNBERG - Greg played Sean, the landlord on the series FELICITY. It started as just one or two appearances but they liked him so much, they wrote him in as a regular. It took him about six years to get this break. More recently, he was a lead on the popular ALIAS. Greg also played a leading role opposite Kevin Bacon in HOLLOW MAN among many other films. He was on the opening episode of LOST and is now starred in the new TV hit series HEROES. PAUL LEMAT - one of many young stars in AMERICAN GRAFFITI; starred with Jason Robards in MELVIN AND HOWARD (played Melvin); starred as Farrah Fawcett's husband in THE BURNING BED; numerous other film roles. LYNN WANLASS - guest starred on NYPD BLUE, MURDER ONE, and was seen with Richard Gere in PRIMAL FEAR; completed a feature with Ed Harris and Amy Madigan called RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE. She has guest starred on such TV shows as NYPD, ER, semi-running role on THE DREW CAREY SHOW and many others. Lynn has completed a featured role in a movie for TV opposite Jennie Garth and just was guest star opposite Angela Lansbury in a movie for TV - MURDER SHE WROTE. MARCIA LEWIS - currently co-starring on Broadway in CHICAGO for which she received a Tony nomination three years ago; Gordon gave her her first job in Los Angeles as one of the ensemble players at the Mayfair Music Hall where he was artistic director for two years. KARI LIZER - played Andy Griffith's secretary on MATLOCK and has done numerous films i.e. GOTCHA, THE DOORS, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, etc. Currently, she is co-executive producer and writer on the hit series WILL AND GRACE for which she is also one of the show's major writers. The last show of 2001 was written by Kari. Currently, Kari is the creator, executive producer and one of the writer's on the new TV sitcom THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE starring Seinfeld's Julia Louis-Dreyfus. When Ms. Dreyfus won the Emmy for this show, the first person she thanked was my student KARI LIZER. ROSLYN KIND - starred for Gerald in her first large scale musical FERGUSON THE TAILOR. Ms. Kind is Barbra Streisand's sister and has been a student of Gerald's in one way or another since that time. She and Jack Jones alternated as headliners throughout the East Coast where she also has appeared as the star of a Broadway musical revue. PHILIP BROWN - starred on THE COLBY'S, a spin-off from DYNASTY; guest starred on KNOTS LANDING, starred for two years on the soap SEARCH FOR TOMORROW and then another year on LOVING; was Morgan Fairchild's love interest on the daytime drama entitled THE CITY; Philip has been seen on over fifty-eight different commercials during the last five years - his bank account totals almost a million dollars from commercials alone. CORINNA HARNEY-JONES - starred in a feature film entitled THE PITCHER AND THE PIN-UP aka THE ROAD HOME. She can also be seen in RAT RACE. Corinna had been a Playmate of the Month and then the Playmate of the Year in the '90s. RANDOLPH MANTOOTH - starred on EMERGENCY for eight years and was starring on THE CITY with Morgan Fairchild; has guest starred on almost every TV series during the last ten years. MARK CURRY - starred on his own TV series entitled HANGIN' WITH MR. COOPER; is seen all over the tube in one capacity or another. NICK CORRI (AKA 'JSU GARCIA') - starred in WILDCATS with Goldie Hawn and Bruce McGill; starred in GOTCHA; was one of the stars in the original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET; guest starred with Angela Lansbury on MURDER SHE WROTE; also guest starred on DAVE'S WORLD - currently last seen on screen in the hit TRAFFIC. TINA PARADISO - was featured in the Broadway and road companies of LES MISERABLES; Gerald gave her her Equity card for FERGUSON THE TAILOR. ANDREA ROBINSON - was seen in a role opposite Steve Martin in the SERGEANT BILKO film, the remake of the Phil Silvers' vehicle; Andrea also recently guest starred on SILK STALKINGS; guest starred on DAVE'S WORLD and is currently starring in her first stage production at the Court Theatre in Hollywood. BRIAN REGAN - was on THE DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW and twice before that as a stand-up comic, on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Johnny Carson and then with Jay Leno; has had his own cable special with his brother and is a headliner on the nightclub circuit; he was awarded the most successful new comedian of the year. There are many others who work periodically but what is listed above are those more frequently used in a starring capacity. There are people like Antonia Ellis, Marsha Kramer, Joseph and Sam Bottoms, Carl Weintraub, Lisa Rivera AKA Sydney Bennett, and so many others that I see often. I'm constantly amazed and delighted as to the number of students who are continuously working.